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Mikołaj Motak

He is experienced in pets transportation as much as the rest of the team. He had been driving with pets for the last three years. He fluently communicates in English. He is the head of the project in PETSBUS. Because of his experience in such companies, he got to know how these companies should work and how such transport should be done.

What is more, he has seen what are the most common mistakes that are made by carriers. Absolutely, the most important for him is pet's safety. That is why he cares about safe, technically efficient cars and financial security of the company.

Furthermore, he organizes every aspect that is connected with legitimateness of animals transportation. He is marked as flexible, responsible and care for his clients. His passion is his beloved dog, an adopted, traumatized Amstaff.

Oskar Siwica

Veterinary technician with great experience in international pet's transport. Fluently speaks English. He has been hired for almost three years in Polish companies such as our company.

Patient and absolutely involved in his job. He traveled for thousands of miles with a wide smile on his face. Animals trust him as they easily approach him. Each of his four-footed passengers arrives joyful and rested. That is because Oskar is professionalist in every inch.

Privately he admires reptiles and motorization. He is adopted two dogs from the dog shelter.

Michał Szczygieł

A driver that is engaged in pets transport for many years. Speaks English fluently. Everyone who is getting involved with his beloved pet safety should admire his dedication and love towards animals.

Michał has an ability to get on with every, even the shyest pet. He has an inner calmness, that animals can scent. He is ready to go at every time.

His biggest passion is your animals safety. Graduated Horses Breeding Technician.

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